All of the agency’s research associates are qualified and trained to provide focused, clear and quality work that yields transparent processes and results from start to end. All associates have and continue to work with Barbara under her supervision and guidance.

The associates hold at least a research focused first degree; they have all gone through the NIH ethics in working with human subjects certification; are bilingual in English and at least one other language; have traceable experience in data collection, data entry and analysis, transcription and translation of data from their local language into English. Below are the Lead Associates, however, a pool of supporting associates are called upon depending on the work at hand.



Our Projects Lead & Coordinator – Charmaine, is a passionate intercultural professional with experience in data collection and analysis, writing, training, and coordination of projects within diverse settings. She has very good interpersonal skills which allow her to communicate effectively within a specific work environment and believe strongly in teamwork. Charmaine is currently pursuing a PhD.


Our Finance and Administrator – Faustine is a focused and competent researcher with over five years experience in  research work. She is experienced in quantitative and qualitative data collection,  community entry protocols, validation of research tools, translations of data collection tools, transcribing and data cleaning and coding derived from her employment background . She has participated in both national surveys and small research projects under  organizations like ICAP, REPPSI, World Bank and Island Hospice. Faustine holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and Gender with the Women’s University in Africa. 


Our Internal & HR Affairs Lead – Brandina is a dedicated health professional with vast experience in research drawn from her background. She has experience in research, nursing, curriculum reviews, study and psychosocial coordinating and lecturing. Brandina has diplomas in general and psychiatry nursing, Honors in psychology and Master of Philosophy in Sociology for which she studied socialization in institutionalized children for MPhil.